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What is Confident Parent Collective?


Parenting is that ride with the unexpected triple loop and splash of water.  It is one of the most meaningful journeys, and also one that can exhaust a parent both physically and mentally.  The mission of the Confident Parent Collective is to fuel parents  with inner confidence and effective methods so they can live happy and healthy lives with their kids.  

The word confident holds valuable meaning because when parents are resourced and educated then their decisions are grounded in meaningful, loving responses, rather than fire-hose reactions.  The word collective embraces the belief that parents are stronger together.  No one ever said that parenting was a solo, isolating journey; however, that somehow became part of the norm in today’s world.

The CPC exists to build community through online parent groups, masterclasses in communities and schools, and transformation coaching from Amanda Irtz.  The CPC also offers a host of self-paced courses, which intentionally focus on the needs of modern parents.  

It is designed for you to be as involved and active as you choose because Amanda truly understands the tug-and-pull relationship of parenting.  


What parents saying…

I feel supported and empowered!  Modeling my own passions (and taking time for ME to do them) is actually good for my kids. That sneaky mom-guilt would get in the way of when I wanted to do this. Amanda helped reframe why this is essential and how children follow their own passions by example. – Jena Jauchius, Washington (Mom of 2 + Founder of N is For Nature Play)

The Emocet bracelet has become a way of life after our first week at home.  The Emocet has even helped my pre-k classroom.   – Taylor Walker, Kentucky (Mom of 2 + Pre-Kindergarten Teacher)

I attended Amanda’s masterclass and after practicing with her, I felt confident to try that day with my son. And yes, he did respond better. Her methods really work! – Alexander Gray, Australia (Mom of 1 + Entrepreneur)

Join Amanda’s Confident Parent Collective Facebook Group so you can connect with like-minded parents who believe in showing up as the best version of their parenting selves.  Learn in this group through the free masterclasses offered and monthly Confident Parent Talks with special guests who give perspective on specific parenting issues, questions, and ideas.

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Mission: empower parents with inner-confidence and holistic methods so families thrive.

Values: integrity, empathy, wellness, wonder, and community.

Years of Teaching + School Admin

As an educator, I understand how frustrating and overwhelming the parenting journey feels.  I know how few resources are available to parents today. 


 Who inspired.  Who taught me.  Who activated me.


Who felt empowered and confident in their parenting selves.

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