Parents: Overwhelmed, Guilty, Exhausted? Trust your inner guide, build your self-confidence, and make decisions aligned with your values and dreams.


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Confident Parent Academy


Join me on a journey of transformation as I guide you to become the confident and loving role model you aspire to be. Parenting isn’t easy, but why make it harder by allowing exhaustion, guilt, and fear to overshadow your interactions with your children? Let’s change that. By unlocking your ultimate potential through Holistic Parenting Confidence, you can experience more joy at home while helping your kids develop intrinsic motivation and a love for life itself.

Throughout our six months together with parenting coach, Amanda Irtz, you will gain invaluable insights and holistic tools to enhance your parenting skills and create a harmonious family dynamic. You will dive deep into the power of emotional language, learning how to effectively communicate with your children and build stronger connections that last a lifetime.  Together, let’s transform parenting into your greatest accomplishment and a source of endless joy! In the academy, you will:

Be the parent you truly want to be: Discover how to shift from overwhelm, guilt, and exhaustion to becoming the confident and empowered parent you desire to be. I’ll provide guidance and resources to help you navigate challenging situations with grace and confidence.


Raise a solution-oriented and compassionate leader: Learn tools and techniques to nurture your child’s development into a future adult who is solution-oriented and compassionate. Empower them to positively impact their communities and lead with empathy.


Experience abundant joy at home: Create harmonious family dynamics where joy becomes a regular part of your everyday life. Implement the strategies I teach to cultivate an environment filled with laughter, love, and understanding.


Ignite intrinsic motivation in your child:  If you are unsure of what to do when your child has a behavioral problem, then I will show you how to foster your child’s internal drive and passion. Empower them to take ownership of their actions and develop a lifelong love for learning.


Shift hurt and fear into love and compassion: Address the emotional aspects of parenting with my holistic approach. I’ll provide you with tools and techniques to shift hurt and fear into love and compassion.

This six-month academy provides a cohort of parents with Amanda’s holistic approach to parenting, delivered with compassion and empathy in challenging situations. You’ll benefit from 1:1 coaching on a monthly basis, in addition to the weekly group calls and Q/A sessions. Smaller sub-groups will be formed, allowing parents to process their learning and implement effective strategies. Here’s what you get:

Confident Parent Academy

1 weekly call each

Bi-weekly Q/A sessions

1:1 coaching session per month (six total sessions)

Sub-group of parents for support 

Start date: November 1, 2023

As a result of completing this six-month transformative program, you will emerge as a happy, confident, whole, and healthy parent. Embrace the life you’ve always desired, and cultivate a loving and nurturing environment where your family can thrive.  Join now and embark on your journey towards confident and empowered parenting!  Click here to schedule your complimentary call.

Effectively Communicate

Strengthen Your Connections

Are you ready to become the confident parent you’ve always wanted to be? Join the Confident Parent Academy now and embark on this life-changing journey together.

We offer a variety of services to help parents fix their child’s behavior problems and raise confident and well-behaved children.

What is the Confident Parent Collective?


Parenting is that ride with the unexpected triple loop and splash of water.  It is one of the most meaningful journeys, and also one that can exhaust a parent both physically and mentally.  The mission of the Confident Parent Collective is to fuel parents  with inner confidence and holistic methods so they can live happy and healthy lives with their kids.  

The word confident holds valuable meaning because when parents are equipped and educated then their decisions are grounded in meaningful, loving responses, rather than fire-hose reactions.  The word collective embraces the belief that parents are stronger together.  No one ever said that parenting was a solo, isolating journey; however, that somehow became part of the norm in today’s world.  

It is here that you can begin your journey into being the confident, loving, and compassionate parent you truly desire to be. 

You’re probably here because you or someone you know is asking themselves “How do I fix my child’s behavior problems?”. Well, you’ll be happy to know that the Confident Parent Collective (CPC) is a community of parents who are committed to raising happy, healthy, and well-behaved children. We believe that all parents have the potential to be confident and effective, and we provide the resources and support to help them achieve their goals.

CPC was founded in 2020 by Amanda Irtz, a former assistant principal and mother of two amazing children. Amanda saw a need for a resource that would help parents learn how to deal with disruptive behavior in a positive and effective way. She created the Confident Parent Collective to provide parents with the tools they need to build strong relationships with their children and create a happy and harmonious home.

The Confident Parent Collective offers:

Child behavior management courses: These courses teach parents the skills they need to understand and manage their child’s behavior.

6 Months of Parenting with Confidence:  Empowering parents to trust their inner guide, build their self-confidence, and make decisions that align with their values and dreams.

One-on-one coaching: Parents can work with Amanda individually to develop a personalized plan applying effective child behavior management strategies.

CPC Parent Portal: This online portal provides parents with access to a variety of resources, including articles, videos, and webinars on child behavior management courses.

Community: The Confident Parent Collective is more than just a collection of services centered around parent coaching, it is also a community of parents who are committed to helping each other. Parents can connect with each other through the CPC Parent Portal, online forums, and in-person events.

Why Choose the Confident Parent Collective?

There are many reasons why parents choose the Confident Parent Collective. Here are just a few:

Expert advice: Amanda is an experienced parenting coach with over 10 years of experience. She is passionate about helping parents raise confident and well-behaved children.

Personalized support: Parents work with Amanda individually to develop a personalized plan for their child’s behavior. This ensures that parents get the support they need to achieve their goals.

Community: The Confident Parent Collective is a community of parents who are committed to helping each other. Parents can connect with each other and share their experiences.

If you’re struggling with  what to do when your child has a behavioral problem, or are looking for help with how to deal with a disruptive child at home, the Confident Parent Collective is the place for you. We offer the resources and support you need to achieve your goals.

Contact us today to learn more.

What parents saying…

Amanda speaks from her experience as a school administrator and mom. I taught school for over 30 years and I am a grandma, and I still learn from her every time I catch one of her webinars. – Tracy in Washington, USA

My family has learned how to use the powerful tools and reminders that Amanda gave us. I highly recommend working with Amanda and experiencing her leadership.  – Nicole in Colorado, USA

I can not say thank you enough for this mornings call. You are amazing at your craft! My Mom hopped on the call just to be supportive of me, but found herself having that beautifully raw and profound shift thanks to your coaching. Your coaching has changed my family for the better on a subject that has strained our family for almost a decade and for that I will be forever grateful..  – Elyssia in New York, USA

Amanda Irtz is a passionate parent who truly believes in forging strong bonds between parent and child.  Amanda knows that parents should be a safe, welcoming place for their children.  She is an advocate for parents learning the necessary skills needed to better understand and help their children become well-rounded, confident individuals. – Denise in New York, USA

Amanda offers great guidance for those of us in the sandwich generation, trying to raise our kids by our values while honoring the people who raised us. She really inspired me by modeling a loving but confident approach to sticky situations. – Holly in Virginia, USA

I am constantly humbled by the deeper meaning behind practices that I may already do, or are working on. It makes me so happy to have learned so many more things that can and will help me at home with my kids.  Thank you so much! – Taylor in Kentucky, USA

That sneaky mom-guilt would get in the way of when I wanted to model how to live your own passions as a parent. Amanda helped reframe why this is essential and how children follow their own passions by example from me. Following your passions has always been huge for me.  Thank you!  – Jena in Washington, USA

I feel supported and empowered!  Modeling my own passions (and taking time for ME to do them) is actually good for my kids. That sneaky mom-guilt would get in the way of when I wanted to do this. Amanda helped reframe why this is essential and how children follow their own passions by example. – Jena Jauchius, Washington (Mom of 2 + Founder of N is For Nature Play)

I attended Amanda’s masterclass and after practicing with her, I felt confident to try that day with my son. And yes, he did respond better. Her methods really work! – Alexander Gray, Australia (Mom of 1 + Entrepreneur)

Join Amanda’s Confident Parent Collective Facebook Group so you can connect with like-minded parents who believe in showing up as the best version of their parenting selves.  Learn in this group through the free masterclasses offered and monthly Confident Parent Talks with special guests who give perspective on specific parenting issues, questions, and ideas.

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Mission: empower parents with inner-confidence and holistic methods so families thrive.

Values: integrity, empathy, wellness, wonder, and community.

Years of Teaching + School Admin

As an educator, I understand how frustrating and overwhelming the parenting journey feels.  I know how few resources are available to parents today. 


 Who inspired.  Who taught me.  Who activated me.


Who felt empowered and confident in their parenting selves.

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