I’m Amanda,

I’m a transformative parenting coach that fuels parents with inner confidence and holistic methods so families thrive. 

In 2017 I gave my heart all day, every day to students at the middle school where I served as an assistant principal.  My job filled me up in so many ways:  students’ learning and laughter, staying young at heart, and feeling the fruition of culture change come to life.  However, I also gave my everything to my students who often needed more than one assistant principal could offer. 

As creative as my solutions were, I still saw so many gaps in my service to students, families and communities.  I was exhausted, too, from the hours spent running from one end of the school to the next, loving kids that were not mine by birth right and keeping the peace in the hallways during passing periods.  At the end of each day, my heart bucket was empty.  

I had nothing left to give my own kids. 

I realized this wasn’t an option any longer after my marriage shattered and divorce was the only option. I felt distraught with failing in the most important relationship of my adult life.  In this moment, I made a pivot in my heart because I wasn’t thriving as a Parent, as an Assistant Principal, or as a Partner.

So, I committed myself to being the best version of my parenting self; however, I never learned how to use these tools growing up.

I had this dream of being this amazing mother who held all the language and strategies.  

I no longer wanted to second guess my decisions. 

I wanted to rid the frustration and exhaustion that constantly crept into my life.

I desired to feel confident in my parenting decisions, especially since the majority of those decisions I now made on my own. 

Then, I realized that my 22 years of professional education experience gave me the gift of parenting strategies and best practices for connecting with kids.  I realized that the 20,000+ students that touched my life through my professional years had actually taught me.  My students shared their insights about the human experience from a child and teen perspective.  

I combined my tools as both a teacher and school administrator with my parenting self.  Guess what?  Some magical things happened.

  • my kids started to come to me and say, “Mom, I need to talk with you.”
  • meaningful CONNECTIONS with my kids blossomed
  • I was PRESENT with and for my kids
  • My personal relationships skyrocketed, too

As I shared these “magical things” with friends, family and work acquaintances, I realized that most parents are struggling with the same things, and that I have skills and knowledge that can be really beneficial to other parents in supporting to turn conflict into cooperation, hurt feelings into deeper connection, and rid the fear and step into your greatest confidence as a parent. 

This is why I decided to create the Confident Parent Collective. Since that time I have continued to educate myself on issues like how to deal with a disruptive child at home and child behavior management strategies. 

And, even though it is still tough, especially on the days when I allow feelings of “I’m doing this parenting gig alone,” to creep in, I remind myself of my parenting tools. .  I keep showing up because I deeply believe in myself as a woman and parent.  I keep showing up because the trademarked tools I have to offer really do work.

If you are ready better to 

  • CONNECT with your kids 
  • UNDERSTAND big emotions
  • be fully PRESENT and 
  • TRUST your parenting self

Then know you are in the right place.

I learned to find the joy-filled moments with my son, which ultimately transformed my entire parenting journey. I am here to help you live the life you are seeking.

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Autism is a complex ability*, typically emerging during childhood years.  Autism has a spectrum of traits, which makes each individual’s communication, thinking, and perception of the world unique.  As with all abilities it is paramount to be on the journey with the person, rather than to assume the person’s needs and desires.   * changing the language in how we talk about autism is our first step to creating a more empathic understanding.   

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