Episode 2: Show Up with Love featuring guest Michele Portluck

Michele Portluck is a wife and mother of four children. Two of her children are autistic and this led her to receiving her masters degree in special education with an emphasis in behavior therapy. Michele launched her business Navigating the Spectrum, LLC over a year ago which includes working with parents and families of autistic children and sharing information about autism through her podcast, Navigating the Spectrum. You can follow Michele on Instagram @navigating.the.spectrum

Poetry on the Spectrum

Heidi Rome experienced a life edit as an executive who chose to have children late in life. Mom to two children in her forties, one of whom is diagnosed as severely autistic, Heidi had to learn to take a breath and breathe. Sixteen years later, Heidi is a mentor to moms, an author of a best-selling book about her journey with her son Ethan “You Just Have to Love Me” and a mentor to other Moms who are facing a life edit or plot change in their lives. Original recording date: October 24, 2021

Episode 15: Empowering You

Episode 15: Empowering You

This is a wrap for season 1 of the Empathy, Joy & Autism podcast. I am joy-filled and grateful for what I learned the guests that courageously took a step with me. Of course, I am also grateful to you, my listeners, for tuning in and sharing these episodes with your own tribe.

In this episode, I dig a bit deeper into both empathy and joy, specifically the synergy that occurs when they are combined. Referenced in this episode is the book “Empathy: Why It Matters, and How to Get It” by Roman Krznaric.

Episode 15: Empowering You

Episode 14: With, We & Include with Mary Nixonhahn & Dr. Stephen Shore

Two like-minded individuals, Dr. Stephen Shore and Mary Nixonhahn, speak for the first time in this episode. Listen to the conversation that taps into the Four As of Autism: Awareness, Acceptance, Appreciation, and Action. Hear about how to spread inspiration and positive information about autism, rather than focusing on the deficit-based definition that is so widely known. And, of course, my favorite words in the conversation are simple, and also so powerful: with, we and include.

To learn more about Dr. Stephen Shore:


and follow him on LinkedIn and Facebook

To learn more about Mary Nixonhahn:


FB@Awesome Angels and Awareness

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Episode 15: Empowering You

Episode 13: Highlight Uniqueness

Dr. Alisha “Ali” Griffith believes that all children should realize that their uniqueness is what makes them special. In this episode, you will hear Dr. Ali share how to overcome limiting beliefs about an autism diagnosis in your child’s life. Dr. Ali paints a picture for us about how the world would truly be a better place if we could all tap into unique gifts and understand that “different” is not bad.

Here is a little more about Dr. Alisha Griffith: Not-so-simply put, Dr. Alisha “Ali” Griffith is a powerhouse. A published #1 best selling author, global transformational speaker and a startup brand and business coach for moms, she has dedicated her career to helping moms to launch their own profitable personal brands online and create wealth on their own time and terms. Whether we’re talking about her hit podcast, The Dr. Ali Griffith Show, or leading the sales teams for personal development and media titans such as Lisa Nichols, Steve Harvey or Susie Carder, Dr. Ali is the rock star in every room she enters, including being an inspirational speaker at the World Summit 2020, held by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, to almost 9,000 attendees. But what sets her apart from many, is that she’s not one to rise alone. With an incomparable blend of business strategy and personal development, there is a depth to Dr. Ali’s coaching that is unmatched. Her proven path to profitability— laser clarity, systems and sales.

Below are the links Dr. Ali’s book and websites:


AU-MAZING GIFT: A Journey into Autism Acceptance

I Am Reliable, Responsible, and Really Useful: Affirmation Coloring Book for Kids

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