1:1 Parent Coaching

$444.00 1 hour


1:1 Coaching for 4 weeks (Monday – Friday)

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to have a parenting expert and coach in your back pocket, literally?  

This one week, power-packed, coaching package is just that.  You will be able to connect with Amanda Irtz, your parenting coach for 1 week, whenever you need her.  

On the go!

After the meltdown.

In celebration of a milestone.

To hold space for you.

For expert advice. 

Amanda Irtz holds more than 22 years of experience in working with both parents and kids in the public school setting.   Her effective methods and strategies bring peace of mind, inner strength, and a new sense of joy to her clients.  

Service Agreement

I understand that Amanda Irtz, Parenting Expert and Coach, is not a therapist or a counselor.  The role of a coach is to motivate, inspire, and move you forward in your desired direction in life.  I understand that Amanda will provide expert advice based on the information I share with her.  I recognize that Amanda cares deeply about all of her clients and if she is concerned about the mental health of someone, including me, she will take actionable steps to support.  This includes, but is not limited to:  contacting a crisis center and/or the police if you or someone you know is contemplating suicide or homicide.   

Refunds are not available after 1:1 coaching begins.  



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